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3 Reasons To Use Gravel Rock In Landscaping

by Perry Chapman

Whether you just moved to a new home with a dead yard or simply want to update your landscaping, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! Especially if you're looking to make more major changes. One aspect of landscaping you might be considering is using gravel rock. Gravel rock for landscaping may have been drabber and purely functional years ago, but now it can look stylish and sophisticated when done right. Even if you love green space, there are plenty of reasons to use gravel rock for at least part of your landscape. Here are just three:

1. It Requires Little Maintenance 

If you care about your yard looking neat and tidy but don't want to feel tied down doing yard work every weekend, then gravel rock is the way to go. Gravel rock doesn't need to be mowed, watered, trimmed, or pruned. Even if you still have some grass or plants in your yard, this is still sure to save you a bunch of time. Everyone is too busy these days, so free up some of your time by using gravel for landscaping.

2. It Can Reflect Your Unique Style

If you think that small gray rocks are your only option for gravel, think again. There are tons of different options, such as smooth, round pebbles, lava rocks, tiny pea gravel, or even crushed glass gravel. All of these options come in different color schemes, so you can reflect the natural landscape in your area or choose your favorite theme. You can also design the gravel landscape to fit your personality. If you are more mellow in your style, go with natural colors and smooth lines. If you are more dramatic and like a bit of flair, choose colors that stand out and different shapes and sizes of rock. You can make the gravel blend in with your yard or make it a work of art with alternating patterns and colors. It's all up to you!

3. It's Better for the Planet

And, if you weren't already convinced, having gravel rock in your landscaping is good for the planet. Since you're not growing anything, you won't be using any pesticides or chemicals that can be harsh on the environment. You also won't need to water your gravel, so you will be conserving more water, which has a ton of benefits. When you're not running your sprinklers all summer you also save money on water, so you're not only helping out the planet, you're also helping out your bank account!

You have so many options when it comes to including gravel rock in your landscaping! Contact a landscape designer or a store that sells different types of gravel for more information.