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  • Get What You Want: Why You Should Design Your Home Plans

    15 November 2021

    If you have plans to build a home, don't go with a contractor's spec plans. Those plans might give you the option to choose your flooring, cabinet colors, and paint, but that's about it. If you want a home that's uniquely yours in every way, sit down with a residential architect, and create your home plans. When you design your own home plans, you get to choose everything from the ground up.

  • 3 Chimney Services To Expect From A Chimney Sweep

    17 August 2021

    Whether you use your fireplace often or you can't remember the last time smoke went up the flue, you should hire chimney sweeps. Chimney services are designed to keep your fireplace in top condition so your chimney lasts for longer and the fireplace doesn't pose a potential health or fire hazard in your home. And while you don't have to be a chimney technician to preserve the structural and functional integrity of the fireplace, you should educate yourself on the essential chimney services required to keep the system healthy.

  • 4 Ways A Residential Roofer Can Transform Your Home

    10 June 2021

    Your home's roof systems face can deteriorate due to age and exposure to the elements. The tear and wear affect the function and aesthetics of your roof. While the best roof systems are durable, they require regular inspection and maintenance to perform optimally. A residential roofer can help optimize your roof's function through professional inspection and maintenance. Find out how a certified roofing contractor can transform your home. 1. Higher Energy Efficiency

  • Brilliant Landscaping Ideas Using Natural Stone

    23 February 2021

    Most people think of landscaping as just trees, plants, grass, and bright flowers. But do you know that landscaping is more than that and you can use inanimate things like natural stone to create a beautiful space? Existing in a variety of breathtaking colors, natural stone can transform your garden into a paradise. Whether it's a massive boulder or tiny pebbles, natural stone serves many uses, from functional to aesthetic. How can you incorporate natural stone to give your landscape a timeless and magnificent look?