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Brilliant Landscaping Ideas Using Natural Stone

by Perry Chapman

Most people think of landscaping as just trees, plants, grass, and bright flowers. But do you know that landscaping is more than that and you can use inanimate things like natural stone to create a beautiful space?

Existing in a variety of breathtaking colors, natural stone can transform your garden into a paradise. Whether it's a massive boulder or tiny pebbles, natural stone serves many uses, from functional to aesthetic. How can you incorporate natural stone to give your landscape a timeless and magnificent look? Let's look at a few incredible landscaping ideas using natural stone.

Pathways, Walkways, and Steps

Can it get more natural than stepping on natural stone walkways, pathways, or steps in your yard or garden? Natural stone boasts distinctive colors and textures, and their irregular shapes give landscapers the liberty to create visually appealing results. Rather than use the overused and too-common gravel or concrete, natural stone will transform your landscaping.

Pebbles in Place Of Mulch

Natural stone pebbles indeed cost more than natural mulch. But when you consider the benefits that the rocks bring to your landscaping, it is worth every cent. Apart from being extremely durable, there is no need to replace them every season. Besides, unlike mulch, the pebbles will last a lifetime. Black pebbles will splendidly accentuate neutral or dark-colored wall stones, while white natural stone pebbles provide a striking contrast against deep-colored shrubbery.

For Your Pond or Fountain

Apart from using natural stone on land, do you know you can incorporate it superbly in the water? By strategically placing the stones in your pond or fountain, you can create a natural and alluring landscape. The stone seamlessly connects the landscape with the edge of the pond. Also, in case you keep fish, the stone safeguards them from predators and offers shelter.

Outdoor Kitchen

Imagine installing a summer kitchen in your outdoor space? It can significantly complement your swimming pool. Thrilling, isn't it? Natural stone like granite is excellent for your outdoor kitchen. Apart from being durable and effortless to maintain, it is beautiful to look at. But ensure that you use professionals as the process may involve barbeque grills, fire pits, or wet bars.

Retaining Walls

If you require retaining walls, you can utilize materials such as treated timber. However, for assured longevity and durability, nothing beats natural stone. With various natural stone types at your disposal, you can develop different wall themes, from whimsical to classic, sophisticated to rustic. What's more, the hardy nature and durability of natural stone is the best remedy for flooding, snow, and erosion.

Unlike concrete, natural stone evokes a sense of nature in your landscape. This also goes for lending the landscape that contemporary appeal that is so unique and unmistakable.

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