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3 Health Benefits Of Adding A Water Softener In Your Home

by Perry Chapman

Hard water in the home is caused by excess mineral and calcium minerals found naturally in drinking water. When you have hard water in the home, these minerals can cause annoying buildup that can damage or clog pipes or cause you to have to clean out your drains and washer filters more often or even causing more serious plumbing damage. While hard water isn't considered unsafe and isn't known to cause any dangerous health concerns, there are still health benefits you can enjoy by having a water softening device installed in your home to help eliminate excess minerals. Here are 3 health benefits you can enjoy simply by adding a water softener to your home.

Better hair and skin 

Hard water gets on your skin and gets washed into your hair, which can lead to drying. You may notice a dry or flaky scalp, rough and frizzy hair, or even dry and itchy skin as a result of your hard water, especially if you bathe or shower in very hot water. Installing a water softener in your bathroom can help keep drying minerals away from your sensitive skin and scalp, leading to healthier hair and clearer skin.

Cleaner dishes

Hard water is known for leaving spots and residue on dishes and silverware, which can make it hard to tell if these items are actually clean or not. You can protect your family's health by ensuring your dishes and silverware are actually properly washed by installing a water softener in your kitchen. The softener will eliminate the water stains that cover up food particles left behind on dishware that can make your family sick.

Cleaner water

Since hard water can cause minerals to build up in pipes and drains, it can also cause bacteria, food, and chemicals to get trapped in pipes as well. This can cause your water to smell foul or even be terrible to the taste. Simply adding a water softener to your home's water supply can make the water cleaner, clearer, and certainly much safer to drink. Talk to your plumber about removing any residue left in your pipes prior to having a water softening agent installed to prevent the issue from getting worse.

A water softener is a relatively inexpensive upgrade you can add to your home with immediate noticeable benefits. Talk to you plumber about having a water softener added to your water supply or even in just a few rooms in the house for better water and greater health for you and your family.