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Are Glass Railings Right for Your Deck?

by Perry Chapman

Your deck can be more than just a few planks of woods. You have the opportunity to not only have a aesthetically pleasing addition to your home but also complement its overall architectural design. One feature of the deck you might be considering is the use of a glass railing. If you are unsure whether or not using the railing is right for your deck, here is what you need to know.  

Why Should You Use Glass Railing?

The most obvious reason for using glass railing is that it can be a nice finishing touch to your deck. Instead of a boring metal or wood railing, you can rely on tempered glass that can help to highlight your deck.  

Glass railing is also relatively durable. Plastic, metal, and hardwood railings require more care than glass railings because they constantly have to be repainted or refinished to maintain their appearance. By contrast, glass railings can withstand exposure to various weather conditions without the need to be repainted. You only have to clean the railings to keep them in good condition.  

Glass railings also open up your deck. Unlike other types of railings that can obstruct your view from the deck, glass railings are see-through.  

Are There Drawbacks?

Glass railings have numerous benefits, but there are some drawbacks to consider. For instance, glass railings can be more expensive than other types of railings. However, with good care, your railings can last long enough to easily justify the expense.  

If your deck will be facing an area that is particularly sunny, the glass railings will not be too effective in keeping the sunlight out. As a result, sitting on your deck at certain points of the day could be a rather warm experience. However, you can rely on landscaping to help cool down your deck. For instance, you can plant shade trees nearby to help block some of the sunlight.  

Some homeowners shy away from glass railings out of fear that they will be a safety concern for small children. What they might not realize is that the glass is tempered, and this means it is stronger than it appears. Although the glass can break, it is unlikely that touches from your children will result in the glass shattering.  

If you are still unsure whether glass railings are right for your deck, consult with a contractor or supplier. You can learn more about the safety of the railings and the possible designs you can have for your home.