Planting a Garden Soon? Find Tips Here

Bring More Wildlife Into Your Backyard: Three Tips

by Perry Chapman

Your backyard might be a quiet retreat that you enjoy spending time in. While it may be enjoyable, you might be thinking about how to attract more wildlife so that you can observe them. Using these tips, you may discover that your backyard can be a thriving, alive space full of animal visitors that you love.

Put Up Birdhouses

An easy decision to make is to find out if you can attract birds by setting out garden birdhouses. Birdhouses full of birdseed can be attractive to hungry birds who need to eat on their travels. As you start to see birds, you can start to figure out which seeds to use attract different birds and plan accordingly.

Putting up birdhouses might also attract squirrels, which can also be welcome visitors. If you'd prefer to keep squirrels away, however, there are a few things you can do. You can sprinkle cayenne pepper in the birdhouse with the seeds, for example, or you can be sure to hang the birdhouses in places that would be difficult for a squirrel to get to.

Build a Koi Pond

One way to promote an environment of peace while welcoming critters into your life is to build a pond for koi fish. Taking the time to rent an excavator, scoop out the land and fill it with water are deceptively simple actions to take; it's important that you secure the appropriate permits before you start to work on your pond and use the right cleaning agents to avoid algae and other problems. You'll also need to ensure that you have already investigated how to safely care for any fish and additional wildlife you plan to relocate. Koi are hearty, strong fish that can survive away from a tank environment, so they are a great choice to add to the pond.

Grow a Garden

An interesting way to bring wildlife to your yard is to give them food with a thriving garden. Planting fruits and vegetables can be wonderful for you and your family, but wild creatures will also be interested in a variety of foods and might make your yard a place to frequent.

Your garden is likely to attract small animals who are looking for a snack. Wild rabbits are fond of carrots, spinach, and other vegetables, so growing these items almost ensures that you're going to get bunny visitors on a regular basis. Possums and raccoons enjoy all kinds of foods, so be on the lookout for them no matter what seeds you decide to grow.

These ideas will help you to attract all kinds of wildlife to your backyard. Do everything you can to keep your yard a lively place where you can encounter all manner of wildlife and nature; talk to others to gather even more suggestions that will ensure that your backyard is full of life and delight.