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Bottled Water Delivery Versus Water Conditioning for Business

by Perry Chapman

If your business needs high-quality, conditioned water on demand, you might wonder whether water-softener systems and filters or water delivery is the better option. Here are some pros and cons of each.

Startup Costs

The startup costs of getting bottled water are obviously much lower. You simply order the quantity of water you need and pay for it. With water filtration, you may need to invest in an expensive filter purchase and installation in order to get going. So if your water needs are more temporary, then you might want to look at water-delivery options.


A big counter to the convenience of bottled-water service is the amount of waste it can produce. You'll have to be careful about getting a company that is focused on recycling in order to offset the environmental toll of bottled water. And instead of getting individual, one-time use bottles of water delivered, you can greatly reduce the amount of waste by having five-gallon bottles delivered. These are propped on a water cooler, and they can be swapped in and out so that containers get reused over and over.


Mobility may be a concern with water filters and softeners. You wouldn't be able to pick up the filtration system and move it easily since it has wires attached to your plumbing system. If you have off-site meetings or conferences, then water-delivery services may be needed as a backup to any water-filtration system that you choose for your office.

Reliability and Maintenance

Reliability is one thing to consider. There is some chance that water filters will fail, and they will certainly require you to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. If you rent your water filters rather than buy them, then the company that does your water treatment might take care of the maintenance bit for you, making this an easier option.


Overall, the cost of water-softener systems and filters tends to be much lower than the cost of water delivery. Once you've got the initial setup done, your water costs are almost negligible. Over time, the water-softener system saves a lot in terms of costs and material waste as well as the cost and energy used in transporting bottle water from one place to another. It's necessary to consider what both the long- and short-term consequences of each choice would be for your business to make the best decision.

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