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How To Remove Squirrels From Your Garden

by Perry Chapman

Squirrels are by far the most common type of rodent and pest that targets residential gardens and yards. Sometimes, they'll even take up residence in your attic or chimney, which can cause all sorts of additional problems. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the squirrel population in your yard to protect your foliage.

Fix the Feeders

Squirrels are attracted to easy food sources, and nothing is easier to get into than a bird feeder, which contains a seemingly endless supply of seeds. While you can simply take the feeder down, this means that you will not be able to attract birds to your yard anymore, which are an important predator of insect pests. In order to reduce the squirrel presence in your yard, you should instead squirrel proof your bird feeders. This can be done in two ways: you can purchase a squirrel proof feeder individually, or install a cage around an existing feeder that allows for a bird's beak to get at the food, but not the squirrels. Alternatively, you can purchase a squirrel baffle, which is a platform that prevents squirrels from climbing or jumping up to the bird feeder.

Yard Maintenance

Similar to the above point, you should also seek to remove natural food sources from your yard, like nuts and seeds, which can attract squirrels. This means you should regularly clean your garden, removing all organic waste and sweeping up leaves and other debris which can hide food underneath. You should also ensure that your barbeque, trashcans, and other yard items that may contain food residue are securely sealed and put away. Finally, you should also trim the tree limbs that hang over your roof, as these provide the perfect pathway for squirrels to climb onto your roof and into your attic or chimney.

Squirrel Repellent

In order to protect your newly planted flower bulbs and plants, you can make use of squirrel repellent. A number of commercial mixtures are available, but you can also make use of cayenne pepper and other hot spices to discourage squirrels from entering your garden. By sprinkling repellent on the tops of fences, gates, and other areas, you can discourage squirrels from entering your entire yard, or simply keep them away from your prized flowerbeds. Additionally, it should be noted that such repellents usually work at repelling other common garden pests, such as raccoons and moles.

For more tips, contact a local rodent exterminator.