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Wish Your Yard Was Filled With The Sounds Of Chirping? 4 Steps To Increase Your Bird Population

by Perry Chapman

There's nothing more relaxing than listening to birds chirping in your yard. If your yard seems to be lacking in bird activity, it doesn't have to stay that way. All you need to do is create a welcoming environment for them. Once birds find out that your yard is a safe place to be, you'll soon have an entire yard filled with them. Here are four simple steps you can take to increase the bird population in your yard.

Install Plenty of Feeders

If you're trying to attract birds to your yard, the most important thing you can do is install bird feeders. Birds are attracted to areas where food is plentiful and readily available. Hang bird feeders throughout your yard, and you'll be listening to the sounds of happy chirping in no time. Be sure to provide different types of feed blends to attract a wide variety of birds.

Reduce Risk of Predators

Once your bird population grows, so will the number of natural predators you attract to your yard. Neighborhood cats, in particular, will find their way into your backyard. To reduce the risk associated with these natural predators, be sure to place bird feeders up high enough for birds to stay safe. It's also important that they be situated so that birds can have a clear view of the yard while perched on the feeders.

Provide Nesting Space

After you've provided plenty of food, it will be time to bring on the nesting spaces. This is particularly true if you want birds to live in your yard. Decorative bird houses are the perfect way to provide housing for the local birds. It's also a good idea to provide nesting boxes throughout the yard. These nesting boxes will allow birds to build their own houses using materials they find around your yard. While most birds will welcome a home inside your birdhouses, some birds prefer the natural feel of nesting boxes.

Plant Natural Cover

In addition to the feeders, birds will also need to be able to forage for bugs. Be sure to plant natural cover throughout the yard. Not only will the plants encourage bugs, it will also provide your birds with a place to hide. Trees and low-lying shrubbery provide the perfect cover for your birds.

If you're trying to increase the bird population in your yard, use the tips described here to create a welcoming environment for the birds in your neighborhood.