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Create A Festive Centerpiece To Adorn Your Dining Room Table

by Perry Chapman

Create a festive centerpiece to place on your dining room table to complement the spread of food that you will be serving to extended family members and friends this holiday by completing the steps below. A centerpiece that is made with artificial foliage that is designed to look natural can also be used as a decoration for future dinner parties.


  • glass bowl
  • a piece of foam
  • craft glue
  • paintbrush
  • utility knife
  • artificial sprigs of holly
  • evergreen and spruce tree branches
  • plastic sheeting
  • artificial snow spray
  • clear acrylic craft spray
  • battery operated holiday lights
  • staple gun
  • staples

Secure A Foam Piece And Insert Foliage

Select a glass bowl to use as the base of the centerpiece. Measure the bowl's diameter. Purchase a round piece of foam that is slightly smaller than the bowl's diameter. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin, even layer of craft glue to the bottom of the foam piece. Press the foam piece firmly against the bottom of the bowl until it has adhered. Wait a while for the glue to dry.

Trim the ends of the artificial foliage pieces so that they are all the same length. Choose several plant varieties, including holly sprigs and evergreen and blue spruce branches. Insert the tip of each foliage piece firmly in the foam. Cover the foam piece completely with foliage. 

Apply Artificial Snow And Clear Craft Spray, Then Add Lights

Place the centerpiece on top of a flat surface that is covered with a piece of plastic sheeting. Apply a light coating of artificial snow spray to each foliage piece. Wait for the artificial snow to dry. Apply a coat of clear acrylic spray over the snow. An acrylic spray will add a protective layer to each foliage piece and will prevent the snow spray from coming loose. Wrap a strand of battery-operated holiday lights around the foliage. Use a staple gun to secure the strand to the foam piece with staples.

Place The Centerpiece On Your Dining Room Table

When you are ready to serve dinner in your dining room, place the homemade centerpiece in the middle of the table. Dim the lighting in the room and turn on the power to the holiday lights. You and your dinner guests can enjoy the twinkling lights and festive foliage while dining. When the dinner party is over, turn off the holiday lights and store the centerpiece in a closet or cabinet so that it does not become damaged. If everyone enjoyed gazing at the decoration, use it in the future.

If you aren't the crafty type, you can also opt to buy home decor products like these both in local stores and through online retailers.