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Need A Place To Relax? 3 Fun Ways To Create Your Own Enchanted Garden

by Perry Chapman

If you're trying to create the perfect hideaway in your own backyard, lean towards the enchanted. There's nothing more relaxing than a beautiful garden, especially when it's filled with enchantment. Not sure how to make your garden enchanted? Here are three fun ideas to get you started.

Bring on the Animals

When it comes to enchanted gardens, you need to start with a few accent pieces. Aluminum art is the perfect way to incorporate your favorite animals into your gardens. Whether you're looking for a whimsical unicorn to adorn your garden, or you'd prefer to spend the afternoon with barnyard critters, you'll find the perfect aluminum animal art to complete your design. Contact a company like Outdoor Living At Saratoga to learn more about aluminum animal yard art. 

Create a Vintage Container Garden

Have you ever looked at an old tea pot, or suitcase and thought they'd make a delightful planter? If you have, why not add them to your garden? Vintage items such as watering cans, milk cans, or even produce crates create the perfect planters for your enchanted garden. To find vintage containers, try shopping local antique stores and yard sales.

If you have an old dresser or desk in your home, that you need to get rid of, turn it into a garden planter. Add a fresh coat of vibrant-colored paint, open the drawers and fill them full of plants. Want to turn an antique dining chair into a planter for your garden? Take the seat cushion off and place a large pot where the seat used to be. Fill the pot full of flowering plants. Be sure the pot you choose is slightly larger than the center of the chair so that it doesn't fall through.

Make Your Own Stepping Stones

To finish your enchanted garden, don't forget the stepping stones. Don't just pick any stepping stones, though. Make your own. If you have a dead tree in your yard, chop it down and put the trunk to use in your garden. Use a saw to cut the trunk into individual stepping stones. You can piece the walkway together using wood rounds of different sizes. If you don't have a tree, you can make your own enchanted concrete stepping stones.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Ready mix cement
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Water
  • Small hand shovel
  • Several cake pans
  • Plastic wrap
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Several ceramic tiles
  • Colorful glass stones


  1. Break your ceramic tiles into various pieces.
  2. Use your bucket to mix your concrete according to package instructions.
  3. Be sure to add enough water to the mix to form a soft muddy consistency.
  4. Layer the bottom of your cake pans with plastic wrap and spray each one with non-stick cooking spray.
  5. Place pieces of your tile or colored glass stones at the bottom of each cake pan.
  6. Use your hand shovel to fill each cake pan with cement mix.
  7. Allow the concrete to dry.
  8. Lift the plastic wrap out of the cake pans.
  9. Peel the plastic wrap away from the concrete.
  10. Place your new stepping stones in your garden.

There's nothing better than having your own secret sanctuary in your yard. Use the simple suggestions provided here to create your own enchanted garden.