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3 Tips for Decorating an Outdoor Fireplace for the Holidays

by Perry Chapman

An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for your yard. It's a great place to gather with your friends, family members, and holiday party guests. Pets and outdoor animals may enjoy the fireplace as well. Decorate it for the holidays to add to the enjoyment during the merriest time of year, and you may inspire your friends to get an outdoor fireplace of their own.

Leave Out Food and Drink for Furry or Feathered Friends

Humans aren't the only ones who need food and shelter this holiday season. You can add appealing décor to your outdoor fireplace and the surrounding area while also creating a haven for animals. Put out a holiday-themed bird fountain and a snowman-shaped bird feeder to give birds some help during a winter that can sometimes be harsh. A decorative squirrel feeder ensures that your furry friends in the trees stay safe and well fed during the holidays too.

Bring a Touch of Indoor Holiday Magic to the Outdoors

Think about everything you love about an indoor fireplace during the holidays and then bring that to your outdoor fireplace too. Instead of going with cloth stockings outside, hang up plastic Christmas stockings that can stand the test of inclement weather. You may also put weatherproof decorations on the mantle and arrange a nativity scene on the fireplace or in front of it. Be sure to incorporate what you love the most about Christmas into the décor around your outdoor fireplace.

Plant Holiday-Themed Plants Near the Outdoor Fireplace

One way to more permanently decorate for the holidays is to plant holiday-themed plants near your outdoor fireplace. Of course, these plants aren't meant to be enjoyed only during the holidays, but one look at them can help people feel instantly in the holiday spirit. Think poinsettias, holly leaves and berries, and other festive plants that also provide a feast to the eyes. Use your imagination here too. You can also go for a Christmas cactus, orchids, or amaryllis. Mostly, it is important to choose plants that inspire you to think of happy holiday memories and make new ones with your family.

Finally, keep in mind that an outdoor fireplace can be an important part of how you enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard. A fireplace can provide a way for your kids to enjoy being outside in all seasons, and it can also add aesthetic appeal and pizzazz to your landscaping. Try these fun ideas for decorating the outdoor fireplace for the holidays, and you can set yourself up for good times throughout the season.