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3 Reasons To Get An Art Deco Frame

by Perry Chapman

If you are looking into getting a great frame, you should consider getting an art deco frame. This article will discuss 3 great reasons why.

You Can Choose From Wood Or Metal 

Whether you like metal or wood, you are going to be able to get what you want from an art deco frame. The frames are made out of both materials, and both are going to offer their own unique benefits and forms of beauty. What it is likely going to boil down to is the look that you are going for with the frame and what color you would like it to be. 

There Are Several Intricate Designs To Choose From

Another awesome reason to get an art deco frame is the fact that you have several different frames that you can choose from. The detail of the frame is likely only going to be limited to what you can think up. For example, if you would like your frame to have roses of all different shapes and sizes carved or cut into it, then this is going to be possible. You can also have a variety of different angular or circular patterns cut into the frame, as well as other types of small pictures or different shapes that you would like. Also, you can have the area where the carvings are made stained or otherwise treated to be darker, or simply a different color, than the rest of the frame. This helps the carvings or cuts to stick out more and catch the eye. 

It Makes Your Frame A Work Of Art 

If you have a unique piece of art that you have either created yourself or acquired, then you likely would like to frame it. What better way to frame a piece of art then with another piece of art? When you house your piece of art in an art deco frame, you are essentially putting two pieces of art together. The detail of the frame and careful craftsmanship with which it was made are going to give it a very customized look, which is going to mesh well with the painting that you have inside of it. For example, if you have a picture of a dog, you could have a custom made art deco frame made with small dog bones carved or otherwise cut into the metal or wood. 

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