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Safe Storage Of Your Pest Control Supplies To Keep You And Your Family Safe

by Perry Chapman

When you own a home, there are a number of products you may need to buy that can be dangerous to you or your family. From fertilizer to make your lawn green to chemicals to control pests, finding the right place to store these products is important. If you have a garage, this is usually the best place. While you can keep harmful chemicals and other products in your basement, it's even better if items are stored in a garage that isn't below your living space. The right storage cabinet also makes organizing your garage easier while keeping your family and pets safe from the toxins inside.

Vented Cabinets that Resist Corrosion

A popular type of cabinet often used to store chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful substances are vented cabinets made out of durable steel. Cabinets made out of steel are highly resistant to corrosion, so even if there is a spill in the cabinet, it probably won't get ruined. A vented cabinet works best so that toxic fumes don't build up within the cabinet, causing a potential fire hazard. Vented cabinets can also be used to store tools safely, and you can put almost anything you want to keep safe within the cabinet.

Make Sure You Lock Up Your Toxic Substances

When you have pets, you have to make sure that any bags of pesticides for your lawn or poison for unwanted pests is well out of their reach. Anything left on the floor or near your pet has the possibility of being consumed by them, so keep them safe by getting your items out of their reach. While older children aren't as likely as your pets to eat anything they can find, they may try to play with some of the products. Keep everything locked up tight in a cabinet to avoid accidental exposure.

Throw Away Old Products

When you save partially opened products, eventually they aren't going to be effective anymore. Leaving a bunch of half opened items in your garage that are way past their effective date is asking for trouble. Make sure that any products that are still good are closed tightly, and stored away safely for future use. Remember that the packaging on old products can become brittle, making unauthorized access easier.

When you want to keep your pets and children safe, invest in a solid storage cabinet to keep all of your pesticides and harmful chemicals.