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Tired Of Your Outdated Master Bathroom: Get The Elegant Space You Want

by Perry Chapman

If you have an outdated master bathroom that doesn't feel very elegant or luxurious, and instead it feels like you're traveling backwards in time, there are some quick ways to change it. By making just a few changes in the space, you'll see a complete difference and the space will look modern and elegant like you imagine. Painting the space a light neutral and fresh color will instantly make the space look chic, along with updating towels that hang. For a more dramatic difference, consider the following changes.


If you have a basic overhead light fixture, you can replace it with a chandelier to get a very elegant decorative piece in the master bath. The chandelier, along with a pendant on the ceiling around where the chandelier hangs will bring a lot of lighting into the space, and it will be something that draws attention when people walk into the space. How large you go will depend on how much room you have, and how high you can hang the light fixture.

Glass Shower Doors

If you have frosted shower doors, or doors that are outdated, replace the shower doors with clear glass. There are new door options that allow the entire shower to almost be transparent, helping to make the master bath look larger. This is also a very modern design feature that people are using in homes, so it should improve the value of the bathroom as well.

Nickel Finish Fixtures

Replace all the hardware, from the hinges on the doors, to the faucets in the sink, to nickel finish. When you change out all the outdated cupboard handles and door knobs that are gold or another outdated option, you are instantly going to feel like you updated the space. There are many kits available to do the doors door knobs and hinges, or to do an entire vanity set with the same materials.

Updating the master bath and creating a spa like atmosphere will help you enjoy using the space more, and it will also improve the overall value of your property. If there are any significant structural changes you want to make to the master bath, you'll want to contact a contractor to see what can be done. Also, get professional help if you can't install the shower doors, replace the light fixtures, or change out the hardware on your own. You don't want to damage any of the items or do the installation improperly.