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Choosing The Right Granite For Your Tiny Kitchen Countertops

by Perry Chapman

Investing in a tiny house can be a great way to purchase real estate without breaking the bank. Having a custom tiny home built to your exact specifications ensures that you will not have to compromise when it comes to the design elements within your home. Selecting the right slab of granite for the countertops in your tiny home's kitchen can be a challenge. Here are three simple tips you can keep in mind to ensure that your tiny kitchen is as attractive as possible.

1. Don't be afraid to select a darker granite if the conditions in your kitchen allow for it.

Many tiny home builders are afraid to use granite slabs that are dark in color for the countertops in a tiny kitchen. While it is true that darker colors can make a small kitchen feel even smaller, if the conditions in your tiny home's kitchen can support darker countertops then you may want to consider a dark-colored granite.

Small kitchens that have a lot of natural light coming in can support a darker design palette. Ensuring that your tiny home's kitchen cabinets are a light color, and selecting a dark granite slab with light veining that matches the cabinetry, can also be a great way to incorporate dark countertops into the design of your tiny kitchen.

2. Let your cabinetry guide your granite selection.

If you are unsure which slab of granite will look best installed in your tiny kitchen, it can be helpful to base your decision on the cabinetry that you will have installed in your new home. If you plan to install light cabinets, look for granite with a light background and darker mottling to help create consistency in your new kitchen.

Darker cabinets can be more difficult to match, but looking for a neutral granite with veins that match the dark color used to finish your cabinetry will prevent your tiny kitchen from looking too dark once your new countertops are installed.

3. Make sure you take all your design elements into consideration when selecting the perfect granite.

Countertops are often the design element that pull a kitchen's look together. Taking samples of your cabinet doors and floor tiles with you when looking at granite slabs can be a simple way to ensure you end up with countertops that coordinate well with the other design elements in the room.

Be on the lookout for granite with colors that either contrast or complement the colors in your design palette. This will ensure that you end up with a striking design that will be aesthetically pleasing.

Selecting the right granite for your tiny home's kitchen countertops doesn't have to be difficult. Go bold by choosing a dark countertop, or let your cabinets and flooring guide your decision, and you will be able to find the slab of granite that is best suited for your tiny home.