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Design Ideas For A Modern White Kitchen

by Perry Chapman

Whether you have a kitchen that's already modern or you're looking to update your space, a white-based kitchen is a versatile option. White instantly adds the feel of increased space. To keep your white kitchen warm and welcoming, add color in the backsplash, countertops and accents. A modern, white-based kitchen is ideal for compact spaces.


The cabinets and wall are what give the basis for your kitchen's color scheme. Start with white walls. Select a cabinet design style with molding to create a   Transform at least two of the upper cabinets with glass fronts the emphasize the airy appeal. Hardware can be chrome or colored.


The color scheme of your backsplash depends on your kitchen needs. If your kitchen is compact, and you want to enhance the feeling of space, select white subway tiles for the backsplash. Have them grouted dark to emphasize the modern design. If, however, you want to start adding some warmth to your décor, choose mosaic tiles in creamy beige shades. Opt for a geometric design to reinforce the modern ambiance.


Countertops are the space where you add your first splash of color. According to This Old House, quartz is an ideal material for such countertops because it is both durable and customizable by color. Because quartz countertops are manufactured from ground quartz, they are designed in numerous eye-catching colors. Select a color that gives a pop art vibe, such as apple green or even bright red. Alternatively, consider a more subtle shade from a place like Artisan Granite & Marble, such as turquoise or copper-flecked.


The décor of your kitchen is what makes it unique. Begin by selecting a series of wooden cutting boards and spoons for added warmth. Next, add more color with dishes, bowls or even vases showcased in your glass-fronted cabinets. Additionally, add storage bins or stools in the target color.

An attractive design option is adding a chalkboard and message center on one wall. Besides functionality, such a message center adds a little more color. Consider having your message center do double duty by installing the corkboard and chalkboard onto a sliding door that hides your pantry.


Stainless steel appliances look best in a modern kitchen. A chrome-fronted refrigerator, oven and range hood make your kitchen feel as if it's just waiting for a chef to step in. Alternatively, opt for white appliances to continue that airy ambiance.

Starting with a white backdrop affords you design options that can be warm or eye-popping, depending on your preference. Add color with the countertops and accents, and include stainless steel appliances for a modern yet homey ambiance.