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How To Correct 4 Problems With Motorized Blinds

by Perry Chapman

Motorized blinds are a wonderful convenience in the home. Rather than having to battle with blinds that are too high to reach easily or to go one by one to close and open them each day, you can quickly and easily adjust the blinds to your preference with the push of a button. Unfortunately, with the convenience comes a few minor problems. Many of these problems can quickly be corrected and prevented in the future. Here, you will learn how to troubleshoot and repair your motorized window blinds.

Problem 1: Cords Do Not Move

If you gently tug on the cord, it should move. If it does not, the cord may have become entangled in the gears inside the motor box or wrapped around some of the blinds. If you do not see any entanglements around the blinds, open the motor box and look inside. Are the cords tangled in the motor? If so, gently work with them until they are freed.

Problem 2: Blinds Not Responding

If the blinds are battery operated and are not responding when you press the button to open or close them, replace the batteries in the unit.

If the blinds are not battery operated, they are connected to the power grid in your home. Go to the breaker panel to ensure that the breakers are not tripped.

If either of these steps do not restore operation, a replacement motor may be required.

Problem 3: Blinds Shaking During Operation

If the blinds shake and wobble while opening and closing them, it is very possible that they are not properly mounted to the wall. It could be that the hardware was not drilled into studs and they have come loose. If this is the case, remove the blinds and reinstall them. If you do not, the blinds could fall and cause injury to you or your family.

Problem 4: Blinds Not Opening or Closing Entirely

If the blinds do not open or close the whole way, there could be something stuck in the gears or a knot or tangle in the cord. Check the cords to see if they are free of knots and examine the gear box for any blockages. Correct any issues that you find and test the blinds.

Motorized blinds are extremely effective in protecting your home from harmful UV rays and from the occasional wandering eye. If your blinds are giving you problems that you cannot correct yourself, contact your local dealer to find out how to have them repaired. Contact a company like Aero Shade Co. Inc. for more information.