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Building a Home? Exterior Lighting Options You Want

by Perry Chapman

If you are building a new home and you are interested in putting a lot of exterior lighting on the house and around the property, there are some things you want to know when you pick out you lighting fixtures. There are a lot of great lighting options that will save you money over time and are self-sufficient.

These lighting fixtures can be tied in with your home security system, they can be powered from a home command center, and they should be installed at the time of the build. Look into the following options for your property.

Solar Features

Exterior lights should be solar powered so they don't increase your electrical bill each month. These options include anything from lights that are hidden inside facets to lights that you have around the property. The lights can be hooked up to an alternative power source if you wish, but often it isn't needed and you won't have to worry about paying for exterior lighting at all. A panel can also be added somewhere on the home to help as an electrical source throughout the home.

LED Efficient Bulbs

Make sure that the bulbs are LED so they are bright and efficient, both beneficial features for exterior lighting. These bulbs will cost more to purchase than other bulbs, but they will last longer and they will save you money if you have to use electrical lighting in some areas. There are bulbs designed just for outdoor use so they will stand up to weather and sun.

Motion Activated Lighting

If you don't want the exterior lighting on at all times but only when people are outside coming up the driveway or moving around the house, motion activated lighting is the feature you want. The motion activated lighting will also shine on any pets that wander into your yard without permission or trespassers that want to get around or inside your home. This is especially ideal in back corners of your property where you can't easily see.

Your building contractor should be able to put as many lighting features into the house as you want, so you can have the property as lit up as needed when the sun goes down. If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, lighting throughout the backyard and entertaining areas will be something you want to have a lot of as well. Talk to a contractor for more information.