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Make A Stunning Snowman Centerpiece Using Inexpensive Bowl-Shaped Vases

by Perry Chapman

With the holidays always right around the corner, you may be planning your beautiful displays and centerpieces. Save some money this year by creating a magical, whimsical display using items that you can find in wholesale and discount stores, or that could be taking up space in your own cabinets and closets. Make the season a little bit brighter with this easy and inexpensive snowman centerpiece using glass vases, fake snow, and holiday trinkets:

Use clear, spherical vases.  For supplies, visit a store that offers outdoor flower planters or glassware. Look for different sizes of clear glass vases, like what would be used for a rose bowl. If you can find titrating sizes, go with three; if not, choose three glass bowls that are the same size and that can be stacked on top of each other.

Stack the vases. This will give you an idea of what your snowman will look like, how tall he will be, and how much space you will have in each glass vase to fill. Use black permanent marker or a paint pen to make a face on the top bowl, and allow to dry completely before you proceed.

Begin to fill. Add a handful of loose, fake snow to each of the three bowls. This will help secure the trinkets that you will be adding later, giving them some stabilization and some camouflage to cover what you don't want seen.

Fill each bowl with what you like, but try these suggestions, if you wish:

  • For the lowest bowl in your snowman, consider adding a larger trinket so that it will be seen from above. Some examples might include larger figurines, multiple figures, or a tiny village-style house.
  • The middle bowl has the best vantage point for seeing what is inside, so make the most of it. Try nesting a flameless tea light candle in the snow. This will help illuminate the entire display safely.
  • The top glass bowl, or the head, of the snowman has a crowning position and you can use your smallest or most intricate items inside. Try nesting some tiny holiday figurines, like tiny people, reindeer, or snowmen, inside the snow. Gently replace after you have filled to the top of your centerpiece.

Cover it up with a hat. Visit crafting stores or sites to find a great hat to complete your snowman and to cover up the opening on your top glass bowl. It is easy to find these miniature top hats marketed as party-hats or as doll accessories.

Add some accents. Give your centerpiece some personality with your own accents. Consider wrapping a piece of fabric around the seam where the top two bowls meet to create a cozy scarf. Consider gluing an orange felt carrot to his face for a nose. You could also glue some embellishments down one side of your bowls to replicate the buttons on a snowman.

Give as gifts. As cute as your snowman will be on your holiday table, these also make great gifts to give away! Consider filling with wrapped candies or treats to give to someone near and dear this year.

Keep an eye out for inexpensive bowl-shaped vases; glass works best and creates the most dazzling results. Consider buying a batch of these rose-bowl inspired vessels from wholesalers, and invite others for an afternoon of crafting! Make your own charming snowman centerpiece- to keep or give- and use these tips to bring him to life!